Why Do They Pick On Accountants?

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Will somebody please leave accountants out of any popular culture based discussion of the pejorative form?

Lionel Richie accountants image by DFP Photographic (via Shutterstock).

Soul music legend Lionel Richie: living proof that accountants can become highly regarded singers and songwriters in their own right. Image by DFP Photographic (via Shutterstock).

How many times have you heard ‘accountants’ being used as a byword for boredom? If it’s not our profession, being Sheffield accountants, it is geography teachers that get it in the neck for similar reasons. Both professions are associated with staidness, their inability to dance properly, or their choice of reading matter. If you are leading a group of walkers on the Pennine Way, having an accountant and a geography teacher in your party is useful. You have one to sort out your travel and lodging expenses; and another person to read the OS Maps.

In the London Evening Standard and on Twitter, Oasis singer Liam Gallagher regarded today’s DJs as ‘accountants’. He said:

“I’ll tell you what they’ve become: the new accountants!”

Try telling that to Lionel Richie, Eddie Izzard, and Mick Jagger. They started off as accountancy students before making it big as singer-songwriters or comedians. Even Liam needs an accountant to sort out his royalties and other parts of his bank account. For date nights, accountants are chosen ahead of personal trainers according to an article we posted on St. Valentine’s Day.

Not only that, disc jockeys need a good accountant or a bookkeeper. Most DJs work in a self-employed capacity and file their tax returns no later than the 31 January each year. Whether they host the breakfast show on Radio Hallam or do weddings and Bar Mitzvahs in Rotherham, self employed status gives them the flexibility to work in several settings. Or other spin-offs like royalties from recorded music sales; touring commitments; merchandise; maybe the odd overseas job in Ibiza.

Whether you are a chartered accountant or a DJ, reliability is good for returning customers. With both professions, understanding your customers, wedding guests or listeners is the ultimate goal to long term success. We at Peach Wilkinson Accountants understand this ourselves, working with a variety of clients across Sheffield and surrounding area. Disc Jockeys and musicians too.

Peach Wilkinson Accountants, 06 September 2017.

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