What is the Role of an Accountant?

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We all understand that an accountantaccountants is integral to running a successful business. For a business to prosper, there is need to constantly measure, report and assess sustainability. This is where an accountant comes in. The information an accountant provides can be crucial in ensuring the business make sound managerial decisions about the present and the future. Since an accountant is a skilled financial expert, they are better positioned to keep track of the financial health of a business. They may also be tasked with filing tax returns to ensure compliance with the existing laws.

Types of accountants

Almost any business with maybe the exception of a sole proprietorship will likely have an accountant. Some firms may decide to allocate accounting functions to their internal employees to take care of simple accounting tasks and seek the services of an accounting firm for more tasking accounting duties. In this case, the internal employee assigned the accounting task will be required to keep track of the finances of the business such as everyday transactions.


They will also be required to prepare financial transaction statements. This may vary from business to business, but most of the financial statements will range from quarterly, semi-annually and annually financial statements. These reports will be a key indication of how the business is performing. The accountant tasked with producing these statements in public companies is required to do it in such a way that it is compliant with the laid out regulations.

Filing tax returns

Since firms are required to be tax compliant, it is the role of accountants to prepare the tax returns of a business in a way that is compliant. Tax structures are usually complicated depending on the business, which means that even a simple mistake can result in dire consequences. In addition, the accountant needs to stay knowledgeable about regulations that may change and how they may affect a business.

Outside consultancy services

This is why some of companies may decide to take advantage of hiring accountancy services since they are more specialized and have knowledge when it comes to tax returns. In addition, it is also an advantage to contact them when under tax investigation because they may know how to handle such authorities, making it less-stressful for you to conduct your business.

Other roles

The accountant may also be called upon when a business is going through a major event. For example, when a business is preparing for a major asset purchase or preparing to go into a merger, it may find it imperative to consult its accountants. This is to ensure the company may carry out the event in a way that makes financial sense. In addition, the company’s financial books may be called upon for review to know its valuation. The accountant will also be pivotal for a business aiming to streamline its costs and even employ measures to reduce tax. Since an accountant is a professional financial expert, it may be easier for him/her to establish which areas of your business need streamlining to ensure growth and increased profit margins.

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