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A selection of fun and enlightening clips featuring accountants on video

Happy accountants image by Kurhan (via Shutterstock).

Shiny Happy Accountants: it is always good to see our profession seen in a positive light. Image by Kurhan (via Shutterstock).

The last month has been quite a scorcher but, going off this week’s weather, it has felt like March instead of July. O.K., enough waffling about the weather. It is just that you seldom see accountancy graduates throwing their mortar boards into rain sodden skies. For some people, July is a traditional time for considering Further Education and Higher Education options. This was seen in our previous post for wannabe accountants in Sheffield and surrounding area.

If at once you think all accountants are boring people, our selection of video clips shall tell you otherwise.

6 reasons accountants make great friends

The AAT, the awards body which covers our profession, has created a number of video clips extolling the joy of accountancy. Within this clip, it tears up the form book, which suggests all accountants are geeky and boring people. Being able to split the restaurant bill equally is a valuable life skill to have.

AAT Apprenticeships in plain English

Once again, from our friends at the AAT, we look at how apprenticeships are changing our profession. This clip has been chosen as, in the last month, apprenticeships have been in the news. Particularly due to the Apprenticeship Levy, and a recent comment that had been directed to a 64-year-old woman by cabinet minister, Guy Opperman.

10 things an accountant would never say

Once more from the AAT, this 2013 clip features the Ten Most Popular Things you are least likely to hear from accountants all around the world. Whether in Sheffield or Singapore City. These have been based on comments from the AAT’s Facebook page.

Lip synching, hip thrusting, number crunching, body popping… Accountants

For our final clip, we shall leave you with a clip full of dancing and lip synching accountants. From the team at WithumSmith+Brown, we see them in a flash mob, dancing to The Black Eyed Peas’ I’ve Got a Feeling.

Peach Wilkinson Accountants, 13 July 2017.

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