Grant Thornton Accountants’ Sheffield Move

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Sheffield branch of nationwide accountants in the midst of move to new city centre location

City Hall and former NUM offices: Grant Thornton Accountants' future home. Image by Shahid Khan (via Shutterstock).

Central location: Grant Thornton move to the former NUM offices (left of City Hall). Image by Shahid Khan (via Shutterstock).

The city of Sheffield has gained popularity as a second financial centre to Leeds. It has become an alternative Yorkshire destination to the city off the M62 and M1 motorways. Accountants great and small have set up home in our city. One of the mightiest accountancy practices hasn’t only set up home in the Steel City. In fact, they are on the verge of moving to bigger premises.

Grant Thornton, whose Sheffield base is in Heeley (to the south west of our city centre), are moving to a more prominent home. They will be moving into the former NUM office on Holly Street, opposite the City Hall. The city’s biggest accountancy firm will take up a 14,000 square feet leasehold. Other occupiers include a branch of the Pitcher and Piano public house. The new base reflects the scale of ambition and, along with its other occupants, breathes new life into the building.

Shortly after being elected President of the National Union of Mineworkers in 1981, Arthur Scargill proposed the NUM’s move from London to Sheffield. He commissioned the building which opened in 1988. By then, the mining industry’s contraction meant a short life for the office block, so its functions moved to Barnsley in the early 1990s.

Since then, the building stood empty until Quest Property, a Barnsley company, purchased the former NUM offices. Last year, Grant Thornton Accountants stated their intention to move from Heeley to the former NUM offices. By the time you have read this, they have probably set up home.

Peach Wilkinson Accountants, 05 June 2017.

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