Why Use Accountants Not Accounting Software

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The choice to make profits or make losses lies with the accounting happening in your business. Many businesses find accounting software a saviour to all the accounting hassle and extra expenses on auditors. However, do not be blinded by the ease and convenience of technology so much that you ignore the very important, talented and much-needed accountants, like Peach Wilkinson Accountants. There is more to accounting than just automated bookkeeping, tax returns and records. You need skilled financial and human expertise in your business, whether small, large, new or old. You need an clerk.

Chartered auditors (CA) bring their financial prowess to address the accounting requirements specific to your business including and not limited to accountancy, tax-related issues, financial advice and consultancy.

Why an Accountant is better than the software

  1. Ensure compliance

One of the essential roles of chartered auditors is ensuring business compliance with the laws and regulations. That is why auditors take the Continued Professional Development (CPD) study. To keep them up to date with all the changing legislation, tax laws and company rules and regulations. That way, they help make necessary changes and decisions to keep your business compliant with the requirements according to the specifications of the HM Treasury, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and the Companies Act.

This process would otherwise not be achieved by an accounting software.

  1. Tax concerns

As your business or company grows, profit margins increase, and so does the tax. A chartered clerk will not only help in filing the tax returns but also employ legal measures to cut down on charge. They know the law-compliant strategies that will suit the current situation of the business, knowing they must raise the profit margins as much as possible. They lower the tax burden on the company and your taxes too.

They do the tax planning for you; something software cannot do.

  1. Savvy business partner

Including an auditor in your team from the start is a sure bet? Why? They make your business experience better regarding making the right decisions, propelling the business towards its goals, realising greater profits while eliminating unnecessary costs on the company, keeping the market up to date with the economic trends and legislation, ensuring proper taxing and advising the business when challenges hit. With the right chartered accountancy, like Peach Wilkinson’s you utilise this and much more benefits. Again, something a software would never achieve.

An accounting software is dependent on the information fed in; it does not see beyond this; the future, the current trends, changes in needs, your vision and goals, your background and a whole load more. Only a qualified CA can pull this for the success of your business.

To realise the full potential of chartered accountancy, get in touch with Peach Wilkinson Ltd. With their vast experience and intellect, they meet all your business’ accounting requirements, ranging from chartered accountancy, tax-related issues and bookkeeping to professional advice for your business’ prosperity. One more thing – consultation is free!

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