5 Key Skills to Look Out For in an Accountant

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The level of dedication, commitment and hardship required to become an accountant is significant. And this invariably means most non-accountants don’t know what accountancy truly entails and what to look for in a potential accountant. If you’re considering hiring an accountant, ensure your potential accountant has the following key skills.


An accountant should not just be on top of the core basics and advanced elements of accounting, but should also have the ability to adapt or apply his accounting skills to different industries. In other words, if an accountant has been purely working within the automobile space for the last 10 years, he should be able to apply his skills with the same proficiency to the information technology industry as well. An experienced accountant who assimilates fresh information, has project management skills, and meets clients from different industries is more likely to acclimatise himself well to diverse professional environments.


Not being able to communicate well may restrict an accountant from flourishing and doing well for his employer. Irrespective of whether an accountant is working within an office or outside of it, or is representing a firm, he would for sure be working alongside people of different levels and from diverse backgrounds. Accountants should, therefore, be able to communicate complex data in the simplest and most straightforward manner.

Inherent Interest

People who succeed in their respective careers are not just knowledgeable but they also have an inherent passion and fascination for their job. An individual who does what he does only for the money or the opportunities available is likely to not excel much. An accountant who is enthusiastic about his work would invariably not see the mundane side of accounting and also usher in positivity. An enthusiastic accountant is also aware of things happening within the economic, political and social spheres of the society, and this lends to the accountant’s willingness to learn. Therefore, make sure you hire an accountant who brings along contagious positivity to the job floor.


Your Sheffield-based business may probably need multiple accountants in Sheffield on-board. But if you hire just one, make sure the accountant on roll is skilled and experienced enough to work by himself. The accountant should be an independent thinker. He should not just restrict himself to sticking to the drill and must be able to come up with his own ideas and suggestions. If you need an accountant who should just stick to getting things done the way you want to, then an accounting software can do that for you.


Perhaps, the most important trait to look for in an accountant is integrity or trustworthiness. It doesn’t matter how skilled or talented your accountant is, if he is someone who you cannot trust with closed eyes, you would need to be wary of things at all times. That is not a position you would like to put yourself in as a business professional, especially with so many other things to take care of. Long story short, you should never trade in credibility for anything.

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